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Luova Eurooppa - ohjelma järjestää Berliinin elokuvajuhlien yhteydessä seuraavat tilaisuudet:

Lauantaina 22.2.2020 klo 17.30-19.30
Paikka: Martin Gropius Bau (EFM) - Producers Hub, 2nd Floor

Creative Europe Media Presentation of the brand new call for Proposals

"Support to European Networks of Festivals" and Q&A session

(the event will be closed by a networking drink)
As of this year, the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme of the European Commission provides support to European Networks of Festivals. These networks should aim to further develop effective collaboration and partnerships across borders and to elaborate strategies for joint activities in order to benefit the audiences and cinema-lovers of today and of the future. The presentation and the debate will look into the call's priorities and film festivals collaboration models.
Speakers: Soon-Mi Peten & Irina Sofletea

Maanantaina 24.2.2020 klo 14.00-15.30
Paikka: Landesvertretung Schleswig-Holstein in den Ministergarten 8

European Film Forum: Greener Pastures: Towards a Sustainable Audiovisual Industry

Katso seminaarin tarkempi ohjelma: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/european-film-forum-berlinale-towards-greener-and-more-sustainable-european-film-industry
Seminaarin jälkeen Media Cocktail

Tiistaina 25.2.2020 klo 17.30-19.30
Paikka: Martin Gropius Bau (EFM) - Producers Hub, 2nd Floor

Creative Europe Information Session on the new cross-sectoral Call for

Proposals "Bridging culture and innovation through digital content"

The presentation will offer a detailed view of the call's objectives. Within the specific objective to foster policy development, innovation, creativity, audience development and new business and management models through support for transnational policy cooperation, this call will provide support to testing of new, cross-border and cross-sectoral business approaches to funding, distributing and monetising creation. Targeted projects include an audiovisual and new digital technology aspect to be implemented in at least one of the following areas: publishing, museums, performing arts and/or cultural heritage.
Speakers: Guido Di Fiore & Ivan Brincat

Lisätietoja saa Luova Eurooppa -yhteyspisteestä:
Kerstin Degerman, toiminnanjohtaja
puh. 09 6220 3013 /Kerstin Degerman
Inkeri Lundgren, tiedottaja
puh. 09 6220 3024 /Inkeri Lundgren
Facebook: Luova Eurooppa/Media

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