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Springboard-webinaari – tietoa MEDIAn kursseista

Media Desk -kollegamme Münchenistä ovat toteuttaneet Springboard-nimeä kantavan webinaarisarjan, jossa esitellään MEDIAn tukemia koulutuksia. Seuraavaksi vuorossa:

Springboard with 3D Character Animation

25.9.2020 klo 12 (Suomen aikaa), live online

The online seminar series Springboard of the Creative Europe Desk Munich presents the MEDIA supported training programme The Animation Workshop with their program 3D Character Animation for animators, animation directors, CG artists, illustrators, designers, storyboard artists and other interested parties with experience in animation and drawing. This English-language event is offered in cooperation with the Creative Europe Desk Denmark.

Programme managers Per Kristensen and Timothy Guy Leborgne will introduce the training programme and explain for whom it is designed and which qualifications can be acquired there. Former participant Kashif Ahmed (UK) will speak about his career after the training and how the programme and the international network established there have contributed to his professional development. After the presentation participants will have an opportunity to ask questions in a moderated Q&A session.

During the 17-week course participants are introduced to the field of 3D character animation through a series of lectures, exercises and mini-productions. In addition to learning about the basics of physical movement and action and how to transfer the classic 2D animation rules into 3D software, participants will also receive training in pantomime acting, lip-sync and facial animation. At the end of the course, concluding the long range of animation exercises, participants will create their own 20 to 30 second final 3D animation using all their acquired skills. The application deadline for "3D Character Animation" is November 27, 2020. Further information is available at https://animationworkshop.via.dk/en/programs-and-courses/3d-character-animation

Registration: until 24th September here https://springboard-3d-character-animation.eventbrite.de
Online seats are limited (first come, first served).


Springboard with Documentary Campus Masterschool

29.9.2020 klo 15.00 (Suomen aikaa), live online

Creative Europe Desk Munich and Documentary Campus jointly present the MEDIA funded training programme Documentary Campus Masterschool. For more than 20 years the Masterschool has been supporting media professionals in developing documentary formats for the international market.

Documentary filmmakers, producers, directors and other parties with documentary experience can learn more about the program's content and goals from the director of studies, Dr. Claudia Schreiner (former head of culture and science at German public broadcaster MDR). Masterschool graduates Valentin Thurn & Davide Gambino (producer/director of THE SECOND LIFE- premiere at DOK.Fest München 2020) and Ana Castañosa & Iván Castell (producer/director of THE RISE OF THE SYNTHS- including International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020) will speak about their participation in the Documentary Campus Masterschool and what it meant for the further development of their projects and their professional networks. Further questions can be asked in the concluding Q&A session. The webinar will be moderated by Sarah Mosses.

The main goal of the Masterschool is to prepare documentary projects (of all formats and genres) for TV/cinema and streaming services in an optimal way with regard to the requirements of international markets. This is done by supporting the development of the project from an artistic point of view and by matchmaking between the filmmakers and potential financing and distribution partners. The application deadline is 15 November 2020. For further information please visit www.documentary-campus.com

Registration: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/doc-campus-masterschool/register

Lisätietoja saa Luova Eurooppa -yhteyspisteestä:
Kerstin Degerman, toiminnanjohtaja
puh. 09 6220 3013 /Kerstin Degerman
Inkeri Lundgren, tiedottaja
puh. 09 6220 3024 /Inkeri Lundgren
Facebook: Luova Eurooppa/Media

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