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Media 2 Programme Results (October 2000)

Now in its final year, the European Union´s MEDIA 2 Programme (1996-2000) for Europe´s cinema and audio-visual industry, has supported the following fields of activity:

Development of 1350 European audio-visual works (film, TV, documentary, animation and new media) including: Sheka Kapur´s Elizabeth (1999 winner of 6 BAFTA and Golden Globe awards), Damien O´Donnell´s East is East (2000 winner of the BAFTA Best British Film award and Valladolid´s Espigo de Oro award), Benito Zambrano´s Solas (2000 winner of 5 awards at the Goya Prize and winner of the Iris d´Or award at the Brussels Film Festival), Lars von Trier´s Dancer in the Dark (2000 winner of the Palme d´Or award at the Cannes Film Festival), Silvio Soldani´s Pane e Tulipani (2000 winner of 7 David di Donatello awards) and Michel Ocelot´s Kirikou and the Sorceress (1999 winner of the Grand Prix award of the Annecy Animation Film Festival);

Support for the development of 210 European production companies;

Support for more than 1830 promotion and distribution campaigns for 360 European films: Nanni Moretti´s Aprile, Alain Resnais´s Same Old Song (1998 winner César awards and Prix Louis Deluc), Roberto Begnini´s Life is Beautiful (1998 winner of the Jury Grand Prix award at the Cannes Film Festival and 1999 winner of the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar award), Thomas Vinterberg´s Festen (1998 winner of the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival). Thomas Twycker´s Lola Rennt, Pedro Almodovar´s All About my Mother (1999 winner of the Direction Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and 2000 winner of the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar award), Claude Berri´s Asterix.
In four years, the number of European films distributed outside their own national territories has increased by 85% (from 246 films in 1996 to 456 in 1999). In relation to the number of films produced in Europe during the same period, the percentage of films to travel outside their country of origin has increased from 13.71% to 22.19%.

the coproduction and broadcasting of 275 TV programmes (fiction, documentary, animation), eg. The Count of Monte Cristo, St Ives, Carvalho, Mobutu, King of Zaire, and Simsalagrimm.

Video publishing and distribution of approximately 200 catalogues of European works.

Support for 350 cinemas (totalling 831 screens in 213 European towns), programming a majority of European films to a total audience of 75 million.

Annually support 64 film festivals programming 7,500 European works, illustrating the creativity and diversity of European cinema, to a public of more than 2 million people.

Support for 145 training initiatives that allow more than 4,000 professionals (producers, screenwriters, creators) to develop their skills for the international market.

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